by Anilda


  • STRATEGIC PARTNER : Union Pay is the home grown and main payment circuit in Mainland China. It has been formed in March 2002 under the authority of the State Council and the People Bank of China to promote interoperability of bank cards throughout Mainland China. The next decade has seen its service spreading at extraordinary pace, covering new cities and provinces each year. Thanks to the effort of CCTV, its channels can now be reached almost everywhere in the world. This not only is meaningful for Chinese people that travel overseas, but it is also an interesting window for the world, in order to discover this important country, sometimes so far and mysterious to many foreigners. In fact with 7 international channels broadcasted in 6 different languages, CCTV plays also an active role in the global arena. Among these channels, the most well-known is the English language news channel CCTV-News. This channel broadcasts many unique programs focusing on Asia and on developing countries’ events, but it also keeps us updated with the main news from all over the world.