ABOUT welcome group

Welcome Chinese Certification is the new hospitality Standard specifically dedicated for Chinese travelers. CTA's sponsorship guarantees uniformity in the quality of service and supports all the certified businesses to access the Chinese travel industry.


marketing activities

How many times can you travel to China in one year? After being certified your company will be present at all the major Chinese Travel Shows. During these events the list with details, logos and contacts of the certified businesses will be distributed to visitors, with visibility being determined by the certification level. 

  • 15/04/2017
  • 10/04/2017
  • 05/04/2017
  • 02/04/2017
  • 18/03/2017


  • 1) China plans to build 136 new airports by 2025
  • 2) The Certification spreads in Portugal
  • 3) COTTM Beijing showcases partner services we provide
  • 4) Calabria to become the 1st “Welcome Chinese” region
  • 5) March is COTTM time in Beijing