List of benefits

Why does the world travel market need the Welcome Chinese Certification Program?
We will help you learn about the Chinese market and we will tell the Chinese market what you are doing to better serve them.

What we offer is a constant presence in the Chinese outbound travel market.

Thanks to the benefits included in the purchase of the certification, businesses will have different levels of visibility on our promotional platforms, depending on the certification level: a higher certification level equals more visibility.
Also, our subscribers will have the opportunity to further customize activities based on your company’s desire to invest in the Chinese market.

Who we target and how ? We will promote you both in the B2C and B2B Chinese outbound tourism markets. The following standard promotional activities will be included:

Digital Visibility on China

Basic Free Online positioning of your business on both websites ( and social media platforms related to Welcome Chinese.

PR activities on Chinese events

Visibility and Distribution of certified business handbook during travel shows and road shows in which Welcome Chinese takes part.


All certified businesses will have one dedicated space in our monthly newsletter. The newsletter will target individual Chinese travelers.

Promotion Opportunity

All certified businesses will have the chance to create and promote special deals & vouchers among chinese travellers.

Welcome Magazine

Starting from 2015, all certified businesses will be listed in the Welcome Chinese Magazine.

Representation Services

Special discount on the other Welcome Chinese services - Representation -

Exclusive Downloads

All certified businesses will have access from their Member Area to exclusive China Markets reports & Insights (starting 2015).

Training Newsletter

Bi-monthly newsletter to keep all certified businesses updated about Chinese outbound tourism news.

CTA activities

Promotion during the four annual events held by the China Tourism Academy, in which the Chinese outbound tourism market.

representation benefit

The Welcome Chinese team will participate as an exhibitor and vendor at one travel show overseas, four travel shows and forums in China and ten local road shows.

B2C - Travel shows

During these events, hotel logos will be displayed. The logo’s display will vary according to the level of the certification you have obtained. A list with details and contacts of the hotels will be distributed to visitors, with visibility being determined by the certification level. Take a look at Activities & Event section on our blog magazine for details.

B2C and B2C - China Road show schedule for 2014

B2B - CTA activities

Additional representation activities and services

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