Verona Arena gets certified

by MicheleAlbini

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Did you ever relate Chinese tourism to operatic music? Well, perhaps it is time to start doing so. The Verona Arena, the massive ancient Roman theatre in northeastern Italy, requested the Welcome Chinese certification and achieved it. Thanks to this, the 2016 music season of the Arena will be promoted in China.

A DOOR OPENED ON THE VENETO - Visitors from the Far East will enjoy not just the chance to attend operatic masterpieces like “Carmen,” “Aida” or “Turandot” with the usual outstanding casts that perform at the Arena. They will also benefit by the opportunity to visit the Veneto region, dotted with charming towns such as Padua, Vicenza and those on nearby Lake Garda, less known to tourists than Venice but no less beautiful.

OPERA AS AN “AUTHENTIC” EXPERIENCE – That the first sparks of interest are being shown by Chinese travelers to activities other than shopping should not come as a surprise. The influence of the so-called millennials is growing in importance. They represent the young generation of the educated middle class, savvy about technology and used to planning their travel online. When searching for destinations, millennials expect to be intrigued by authentic experiences and local culture, all of which differentiate them from the habits of their parents. The purpose of Welcome Chinese and its partners is to intercept the interests of this generation, with a well-studied offer that is tailored to their needs.