Welcome Chinese further boosts the cooperation with Ctrip

by MicheleAlbini

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On February 21st, Welcome Chinese was invited by Ctrip to hold a speech during the China Traveler’s Forum (CTF) in Shanghai.

After a successful cooperation on the Ctrip Preferred project in 2016, the Chinese OTA and Welcome Chinese joined forces to strengthen the cooperation on “Mei Shi Lin” (Global Gourmet list). Welcome Chinese shared its view about the marketing strategy in China as a foreign company.

The participants to CTF in Shanghai were more than 500 among the management of hotels, airlines, tourism bureaus, travel organizations, travel bloggers and media. As Ctrip CEO Ms. Sun Jie stressed in the opening speech, due to the evolution of the international situation, plus rapid changes in the market demand, the whole industry is facing more severe challenges. Internationalization is the trend, and not by case it is also the goal of many foreign companies investing in the Chinese market.

Internationalization means also a cultural interchange between China and the rest of the world. Many not-Chinese businessmen are trying to learn and understand the customs of China, in order to provide more and better services to the market. In the past years, the number of Chinese outbound tourists ranked 1st in the world and became one of the most relevant market globally.

Welcome Chinese General Manager, Ms. An Zhenyi, pointed out that Welcome Chinese is not just a certification standard; it acknowledges overseas hospitality and tourism businesses that meet specific criteria, building understanding and cultural bridges between foreign destinations and Chinese travelers.

Ms. An emphasized that currently overseas companies are facing a good opportunity to expand the business in China. Welcome Chinese is committed to support its overseas partners, highlighting how important it is to improve the standard of service, in order to make travelers feel comfortable even at 10,000 km from home. This year, Welcome Chinese is the only representative of the European Travel Commission (ETC) in China, promoting European destinations in view of the EU-China Tourism Year in 2018. The Certification has been recognized by ETC too.