Spring activities in China for Welcome Chinese

by MicheleAlbini

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COTTM (China Outbound Travel and Tourism Market, Beijing, April 12-14) and WTF (World Travel Fair, Shanghai, May 19-22) are the major travel shows held in China during the first half of the year. Welcome Chinese sponsored its own booth at both these prestigious fairs, in order to promote all of its certified partners to consumers, tour operators and travel agencies. A very large number of visitors approached the WCN booth to ask for information about its clients and destinations, thereby underlining the importance of Welcome Chinese’s presence at these two fairs.

FOCUS ON BEIJING - In addition, intensive sales activity was carried out in Beijing, where brand presentation of Welcome Chinese was made to top players in China’s tourism industry like Tuniu, Caissa, Utour and Phoenix Travel. Promotional activities in the Chinese capital culminated in a road show during which the WCN Team presented certified partners to qualified media (Cosmopolitan, Life Style, National Geographic Traveler and others) and selected travel agencies, namely:

• Utour Beijing

• Itatour

• Azturismo Travel

• Zanadu

• Wonder Tour

• Magic Travel

• Sun Pala

• Farers

• CITIC Business Travel

The next big event attended by Welcome Chinese will be CITM (China International Travel Mart, Shanghai) in November. Rest assured that our Team won't stand stll until that time: more road shows are going to come.