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TripAdvisor and Phocuswright shared the findings of study called “China Unbounded: The Rapid Rise of China’s Outbound Million.” It provides insights into the behavior, spending patterns and preferences of more than 3,000 outbound Chinese travelers. Several major points emerge from the research:

WHO - Nine out of 10 (89%) Chinese FITs are adults aged 18-44, with 41% of them aged 25-34. Three in four (77%) have an undergraduate degree or higher, and 44% earned a monthly income of €2,820 or more. A bigger share comes from 1st tier cities with more than a quarter of those surveyed living in southern China’s Guangdong province, followed by Shanghai, Sichuan province, Jiangsu province and Beijing.

WHEN - These FITs have an inclination for longer trips, with travel peaks in early October. In fact, the outbound travel season for Chinese travelers starts with the May 1st vacation, and surges at the early October National Day. More than a quarter (29%) of outbound trips take place in October, and 77% take place between May and October. One in three (34%) Chinese FITs spent three nights or less on their last international trip, compared to 40% who spent four to six nights and over a quarter (26%) who spent seven or more nights abroad. Almost a third of trips taken around the National Day holiday (October 1st) consisted of seven nights or more.

WHAT - While playing an active role during the planning of the trip, quality of shopping rated relatively low in importance in choice of destination, indicating that while travelers are expecting good shopping options in many travel spots, other factors play a big role in the final selection. With an average outlay of €1,288, shopping accounted for the lion’s share of Chinese travelers’ international travel budget, regardless of destination. They are the biggest shoppers during trips to the US and Canada, with an average shopping outlay of €3,305.

WHERE – Chinese travelers plan to spend more and travel more in the next two years: while short haul destinations in East Asia remain a top choice for outbound Chinese FITs, there is also strong interest in long-haul travel to Europe, North America and Oceania. Nearly half (49%) of outbound Chinese FITs plan to take more trips in the next two years, as compared to the last 12 months, and 52% plan to take longer trips and spend more (54%) while abroad.

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